parallel-ssh 1.6.0 release

Version 1.6.0 has been released with many additions and fixes. Get it on PyPi. Main Changes SCP send and receive support for native clients. Better exception messages showing underlying error for native clients. host parameter added to all exceptions raised by parallel clients to better support per-host exception handling. Clearer imports by moving clients to their own package. Deprecation warning for default client changing from paramiko to native client as of 2. [Read More]

parallel-ssh Clients

paramiko vs libssh2

In a previous post a comparison was shown between two SSH library options for Python, with emphasis on their performance using native threads for scaling purposes. For this post, their non-blocking performance using the gevent library will be compared as the two SSH library options available now in parallel-ssh. Post has been updated with further scaling graphs for both clients. Test Setup Test script (see appendix) consists of identical parallel-ssh code for the two available parallel clients in the library, using paramiko and libssh2 via ssh2-python respectively as the underlying SSH libraries. [Read More]